Lilith - BitPlayer Series Woodcarver 2014

28 January - 18 March 2017: Lilith - Wallflowers and other people
Henriëtte van Gasteren, using the artist name Lilith, is a storyteller with a passion for photography. Since 2006, she has used self-portraits to convey her stories. Her recurring themes have been women, identity, female archetypes, gender bending and life itself. Her work is imbibed with the spirit of freedom and equality. Lilith creates humorous and often ironic self-portraits that are often staged in her own home. We will show a selection of two new series. In ‘Bit player’ it's her circle of friends that adds an additional dimension to the stories that Lilith brings to life. It’s all about identity. And in her latest series 'Faded Glory' she shows us the beauty of becoming older.
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25 March - 13 May 2017: Edland Man - "You-Wells"
In his artistic work, the Dutch photographer Edland Man, who worked for magazines like Vogue and Vanity, uses digital techniques to emphasize the fluidity of bodies. In his art series 'Metals' (2002) and 'Liquids' (2011) and the new series 'You-Wells' (2016), he offers a kind of subcutaneous look into mechanisms and flexibility inside bodies.
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