Van Gogh Black & White (2017)


Her photographs contain fragments of some Van Gogh masterpieces, as viewed by the eyes of designer Mattijs van Bergen, who based a whole fashion collection on famous paintings by Van Gogh. Mattijs used Van Gogh's painting technique as a basis for the fabrics, for example in 3D-wool jacquards that remind of brushstrokes.

The Van Gogh collection of Mattijs van Bergen formed the starting point for a series of photographs, which are very special for fashion photography: in black and white. As Sabrina itself states, "I believe in the absolute necessity of a new approach to Van Gogh in black and white. In his short life, he has shown us the world in a new way. I want to try to get closer to a respectful homage to Van Gogh's determination and perseverance, which he continued to keep in mind. I have used the tragedy of Van Gogh's life, his impossible love, opposition, despair and despondency. "

The series of photographs has been made in the romantic and melancholic setting of the house of the painter Mesdag (Mesdag collection) in The Hague, managed by the Van Gogh Museum. A perfect location, for example, the beautiful Japanese objects and numerous 19th century paintings, which Van Gogh loved.

The series is accompanied by poems by Anne Bosveld. Again, the topics of this series come out in a striking way, and thus connects the photo series, which is also published as a separate publication, with visual arts, fashion and poetry, to a total concept in which melancholy and nostalgia carry the upper hand, albeit with a sharp edge.

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