Dan Isaac Wallin - Steps on snow, dust on the lips

15 March - 3 May 2014

Swedish photographer Dan Isaac Wallin loves old Polaroid films. His series 'Steps on snow, dust on the lips' presents journeys from the places of his childhood. The images are mainly outdoor motifs from the countryside in Sweden and Israel. 

Dan Isaac Wallin prefers to work with a simple SX-70 or 4x5 inch large format camera, using long expired Polaroid films. Wallin gently and carefully treats and mistreats the films, while they are developing, until he gets the soft 'other-world' look. That is the signature style of his work.

After making a high resolution scan he reproduces polaroids in a small edition.

'Steps on snow, dust on the lips' is a beautiful and poetic journey into the land of memories. The colours and expressions change with the seasons. Behind the photographs, which are from 2009-2013, there rests a serious and calm sensitivity. Mystery cuts through the nostalgic imagery and awakens questions within the viewer. The title of the show is the same as his recent published book (also available in the gallery).

Dan Isaac Wallin has been a photographer for 15 years. His work process is slow and painstaking. He is enthusiastic about alternative printing processes, for which he also offers courses. Wallin has done numerous group and solo exhibitions.

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