dindi. Reflecting Identities

10 May - 21 June 2014

With her staged underwater photography, dindi. focuses on the disagreement and balance of the inner in the female psyche, emphasizing the archetypical mother and woman. The exhibition 'Reflecting Identities’ presents colourful XXL photographs, from 10 May until 21 June in Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam.

By shooting and situating her fascinating scenes partially or completely under water, dindi. develops a unique and distinctive photographic oeuvre. The movements, reflections of water and the optical distortions water causes, are an important base in the search for her imagery and visual language.

Dutch artist dindi. wants to capture and visualize the balance and the duality of the inner contradiction. What seems to be fairy-like aesthetics morphs into an image in which frustration and destruction prevail. As a viewer you are confronted with images that are both intimate and intimidating visualizing a battle between egos. 

dindi. is the artist name of Dindi van der Hoek (1976). She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy and the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. The photographer expands on classical painting styles through a contemporary content. She both designs and makes the costumes and all attributes herself, to fully control every detail of her work.

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dindi - Konigin Des Waldes - 2012 - Courtesy Eduard Planting Gallery

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