J Henry Fair - The Hand of Man


Aluminum is the largest industrial consumer of electricity and produces large quantities of “red mud" bauxite waste which contains significant amounts of heavy metal contamination.

13 June - 1 August 2015

The American photographer and environmental activist J Henry Fair exhibits with 'The Hand of Man'. The collection of colourful images searches for and celebrates the magic and beauty inherent in the creations of man, as well as in the detritus left behind, and leaves aside the question of irony. 

J Henry Fair’s stunning abstract compositions are full of organic forms and graffic patterns. But in his aerial photographs, beauty and horror coexist. Fair’s subject in 'The Hand of Man' is a damaged environment: deforested landscapes, polluted waterways, hydraulic fracturing sites, and waste from refinery operations and other industrial practices.

The work of J Henry Fair is a response to his vision of society. He sees our culture as being addicted to petroleum and the unsustainable consumption of other natural resources, which seems to portend a future of scarcity. His goal is to produce beautiful images that stimulate an aesthetic response, curiosity and personal involvement.

J Henry Fair currently lives and works in New York. The photographer presented a first book in 2011. His environmental work has been widely exhibited in the United States, Europe and Asia. It also received impressive media coverage, including National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, CNN and NBC.    

J Henry Fair on RTL Boulevard, 16 June 2015. 

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