Jan Stel - Abandoned & Forgotten

27 October - 22 December 2012

  'Het Kasteel van de Wezen (Belgium)' - 2012

‘Abandoned & Forgotten’ is the first solo exhibition of Dutch photographer and urban explorer Jan Stel. Mysterious photographs of ruinous sites close to home: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain. 

With urban exploration Jan Stel is creating an exposure of lost glory and industrial decline. The fascination for derelict structures and corroded colors made him search for unique abandoned and desolate places. Attracted by the beauty of these abandonments, he started capturing the long forgotten history of that past.

Trespassing of these abandonments is forbidden and quite dangerous. But in common, gates are wide open and doors are unlocked. Jan Stel is showing the beauty of what most people at first sight experience as ugly and lost. In respect he never forces his way in and doesn’t take any souvenirs.

Autodidact photographer Jan Stel (1970) started taking pictures in his teenage years, visually exploring lives moments. Besides photography he has also been busy with graffiti, drawing and illustrating. As a specialist in creative imagery Jan Stel uses today the latest high quality digital tools. His photos have been showcased at FotoFestival Naarden and art fairs such as Artantique, REALISME and PAN Amsterdam.

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Jan Stel - Steel GIANT 01 - web

                                      Steel Giant (01) - 2012 (France)


                                      Prints proudly provided by Souverein - Weesp (NL)

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