PAN Amsterdam 2012

Please join us in Booth #121 and see our great selection of works by: Terry O'Neill, Marie Cécile Thijs, Reinier Gerritsen, Hans Withoos, Lilith, Jan Stel, Corinne Kruger, Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier & Diane Arbus.

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For 25 years PAN Amsterdam has been the leading contemporary fair for art, antiques and design. The fair is a must for every art lover. PAN Amsterdam has many faces: contemporary and modern art and design go hand in hand with objects that have a long history.

An art fair with many faces
In 2011 PAN Amsterdam attracted 51,693 visitors — young and old, from museums to private art enthusiasts, art advisors and interior designers. PAN Amsterdam is an inspiring place for anyone who loves beauty; wants to give their home an individual identity, is looking for a gift with a history, or simply falls in love with that beautiful little cabinet or that painting which sends shivers down your spine.  

Quality is all important. Every object is vetted for authenticity, artistic quality and condition before the fair opens. More than eighty experts are responsible for this. Any object that does not satisfy the strict criteria is immediately removed from the fair. This inspires confidence and assurance.

The festive opening day is at Saturday 17 November, from 2 - 9 PM and is by invitation only. Public opening days are from 18 - 25 November, from 11 AM - 7 PM.

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