Sublime Nature - Photographs by Erik Hijweege

Tornado Scarville Iowa Erik Hijweege

19 March - 7 May 2016

From 19 March to 7 May 2016 Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents an exhibition of the Dutch photographer Erik Hijweege. His series "Sublime Nature" consists of intriguing pictures of iconic landscapes, storms and waterfalls. The irresistible beauty of nature and the insignificance of man is the central theme.

Erik Hijweege saw his first rotating storms in Tornado Alley more than ten years ago. This was the beginning of an enormous search for overwhelming nature. Besides the storms he found a new challenge in the unstoppable thundering waterfalls in Africa, America, Brazil and Iceland.

As a result of the current climate change, nature seems only to intensify. As if Mother Nature wants to bring the balance back after the ongoing human attrition. The forces of nature manifest themselves in an almost infinite variety. The "Sublime Nature" project is therefore best described as a 'work in progress'.

Erik Hijweege (1963) decided in 1998 to follow his passion and become a photographer. Since then he works on commission and he creates free work. In 2004 he published the book 'Noir', in which he told the story of Albinos with African Bushmen. In 2012 he photographed the Netherlands as if in miniature for his book 'Holland'. And in 2014 he published his book 'Endangered' with pictures of endangered species, frozen in ice.

Erik Hijweege - SUBLIME NATURE-TaProhm-001 - starry night

Erik Hijweege: Ta Prohm (Angkor Wat, Cambodia) - 01 - Starry Night 

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