Three Dutch Surrealists

The photographs made by Orna Wertman, Peter van de Wijngaart and Laura Samsom Rous all have one thing in common: “unrealistic realism”. All three make use of everyday matter, but in a very special way:

In the 'puzzle photo collages' Orna Wertman combines fragments from existing kitsch puzzles with photo material. In the new, seemingly realistic image, puzzle pieces are added to self-created, often charming landscapes. With every new project, Wertman redefines reality into perspective.
Orna Wertman's work links various art disciplines. She does not acknowledge any difference between the visual arts and photography. We will show work from the series  ‘Structures’, ‘PuzzleView’ and some original collages of ‘Broken Landscapes’ (recently part of the ‘Quick Scan’ exhibition in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam).

Peter van de Wijngaart - De buurt op straat 4 - web

In the winter of 2006 and 2007 photographer Peter van de Wijngaart strolled along the streets in his neighborhood looking for furniture that people left on the streets. With what he found, he constructed completely new ‘rooms’ on those very streets. Passers by loved the work, although the police wasn’t sure they liked his constructions. Peter always carried a large battery with him, so he could use electricity to illuminate the scene. In every photo the electricity cord is still visible and an integral part of the fun.

In her series ‘It happened on a clear day”, Laura Samsom Rous creates her own landscapes in the middle of Amsterdam, with the help of parked cars. The landscape doesn’t really exist, it looks like a dream. But still, they’re all real. 

“She didn’t change anything in the scenes she photographed. She didn’t add a raindrop, removed a petal or changed the dust. If we only had looked better ourselves, then we could have seen them as well. But we didn’t, we had to go on. At the horizon always the wipers, they will awake in due time and vanish this paradise in one sweep – but then we already saw it.” (Text Cornel Bierens).

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